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Dropkick on My Devil! Anime More Info

Sunday June 10th, 2018 0 By Erik Weber-Lauridsen

Dropkick on My Devil! anime mere infoThe official Twitter account for the television anime adaptation of Yukiwo’s Jashin-chan Dropkick (Dropkick on My Devil!) manga revealed a new visual and cast member for the anime.

M.A.O will voice the character Bête, the Beast of Gévaudan.

The anime will premiere on July 9 and will air on BS-Fuji on July 9 at midnight (effectively July 10), before airing later that night on Tokyo MX and Sun TV. The show will also air on Chiba TV, Tochigi TV, Mie TV, Sun TV, and Nishinippon Broadcasting. Episodes will be 30 minutes long. The anime will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video inside and outside of Japan. Amazon Prime Video will begin streaming the series on July 9 at 10:00 p.m. JST.