Romantic manga about secure passwords

Sunday June 10th, 2018 1 By Erik Weber-Lauridsen

There’s nothing like the power of manga to pack an emotional punch and get people to think. In 2016, Japan’s IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency), an industry body that promotes good IT practices in Japan, made a splash when it rented dozens of billboards in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district. The goal of the campaign was to get the young people there to think more deeply about password security.

Rather than preach about how important passwords are to all of us in our modern age, the billboards created a series of romantic manga images about young people in love, which received a lot of attention on the Internet, which helped spread the word and raise awareness.

For a few weeks, every billboard in Harajuku carried these important messages about passwords and why we need to use good practices. Peter from J-list translated the images so they could be better appreciated by people who speak English rather than Japanese, and we thank him for this opportunity to read a truly japanese ad campaign.