Let Me Eat Your Pancreas anime film info

Let Me Eat Your Pancreas Anime Film Info

Wednesday June 13th, 2018 0 By Erik Weber-Lauridsen

Let Me Eat Your Pancreas anime film infoThe sweet but oddly-named Let Me Eat Your Pancreas has brought three new members into the cast of it anime adaptation — and given us a new picture of itself via a key visual.

Yukiyo Fujii (Rebecca Rossellini, Lupin III) will be taking the role of Kyoko, the best friend of protagonist Sakura. Jun Fukushima (Ryuk, Death Note) and Yuma Uchida (Ein Dalton, Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans) have also joined the cast as Gum-kun and Takahiro, respectively.

The animated film’s new key visual portrays Sakura and Kyoko in their high school classroom, with the story’s narrator facing away.