Karakuri Circus Gets a 36-Episode Anime this Fall

Thursday August 2nd, 2018 0 By Erik Weber-Lauridsen

Karakuri Circus får en 36 afsnit anime til efteråretThis year’s 36th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine revealed on Wednesday that the television anime of Kazuhiro Fujita’s Karakuri Circus (Le Cirque de Karakuri) manga will premiere in October and will air on Tokyo MX and BS11.

The issue also revealed a new visual, and the show’s cast and staff. The anime’s official website began streaming a promotional video for the anime on Wednesday.

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The adventure series follows Masaru Saiga, a young boy who dreams of becoming a puppeteer. However, Masaru is targeted by conspiracies after inheriting 18 billion yen following his father’s death. Narumi Katou (a kung-fu master) and Shirogane (a puppetmaster) offer to protect Saiga from the dangers he is facing.