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About us

AnimeGuiden is the oldest still running Danish website with news, reviews and articles about Japanese popular culture. The site has existed since autumn 2000, ie around 18 years (summer 2018), and it has been through different editions and focuses over time.

We wanted a transition beyond the Internet, so we released a magazine, first on CD and later paper. However, there was a lot of overheads (we lost a lot of money on each issue), so we had to stop again. However, it was an exciting experience, but today the time has generally passed from paper media so we did it while it was still relevant.

We also once had the largest Danish forum for anime (12 years ago) with over 600 users and 15000 posts, but people dropped off and the code could not be updated so it was closed. Again, something that time has passed on, as today most people use groups on social media (primarily FaceBook, where we are also with both page and ajoined group), but it was a great experience with lots of good talks while it lasted!

Over the years, English releases of most posts became normal, and today (2018) it is practically fully tri-lingual (Danish, English and German) as most real visitors come from those countries – and because the page’s main contributor, Erik, is best at those languages.

Today, as indicated above, the page is largely driven by only one person, Erik Weber-Lauridsen, but over time we have been about 50 people who have written here. However, I’m always looking for more that will contribute to the site!
For although AnimeGuiden is owned and operated by me, who cover the about 4500kr it costs a year (in 2018) to run (the many years and features have made it much bigger than you would think), but it has never been meant to be solely mine, it’s everyone’s and everyone who wants to share the joy of anime and other modern Japanese culture with others!

The purpose of AnimeGuiden is to create a site with information, reviews and news about anime, manga and other Japanese popular culture in primarily Danish. There are many English-language sites about it, but not everyone is good at English, and it is also worth keeping our own language alive even though we have an international hobby.

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