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There are many places you can watch anime on the Net, and some of them are fortunately legitimate – and often free!

Amazon Primealso have some series, but I do not know if they are available in Denmark.

CrunchyRollone of the largest and best places to watch anime online. They also have a steadily growing manga library. They have many new series every season and you can also download clients for both iOS and Android so you can watch anime on your mobile phone / tablet. They have made an agreement with Funimation so that more and more English dubbed series are coming.

HIDIVE – is a new service that currently is in beta. They appear to have many older titles

Netflix have some series and slowly get more.

TubyTV – also has a little anime, though most is not available in Denmark. However, they show the series with English dub instead of the original Japanese language.

Viewsterhas few series available in our area (Denmark) and a fine selection elsewhere.

All the Watch*, Kiss*, Gogo* and similar places are illegal. If it isn’t on the above list it is almost certainly an illegal streaming site* where the creators of the anime get nothing and the pirates keep all the money from the ads on the sites for themselves and do not support production of new anime in any way.

* Unless they use one of the above as partners, as MyAnimeList and AnimePlanet do with Crunchyroll

Se anime

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