Gaina produces Gunbuster 3 and Wings of Honneamise 2

Wednesday September 12th, 2018 0 By Erik Weber-Lauridsen

Studio Gaina (formerly Fukushima Gainax) has, after splitting with the original company, been given a number of tasks that would otherwise be connected with the traditional “old” Gainax:

The anime film Aoki Uru / Uru in Blue, the sequel to Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. The Honneamise film was one of the projects that put Gainax in people’s awareness around the beginning of the 90s. Uru was already in production at Gainax but has now completely moved to Gaina and is being instructed by Hiroyuki Yamaga and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is still making the character designs.

The original anime projects Top o Nerae! 3 / Gunbuster 3 (temporary title, but a spiritual successor to the classic Gunbuster that more or less introduced the concept jiggling breats to cartoons) and Akubi o Suru niwa Wake ga Aru (“There is a Reason for Yawning”).

In addition, they take over the children’s anime TV series Rescue Academia.

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